About our fabric selection

Bloomingdales offers a selection of over 55 fabrics and parchments:

  • Most fabrics are laminated onto a styrene substrate to strengthen the shade.
  • Fabrics can be bonded to either card or styrene, depending on the suitability of the fabric and the required finish.


We have an extensive range of trimmings, including Russia and rope, to enhance the shade. Leather thonging, in black, white and brown is only used with parchment - and can secure the shade. Diffusers are available on request.

Our fabric selection

Diffuser Sample

New Coconut

White Plisse

Fine Cream Linen Parchment

Fine White Linen Parchment

Parchment Col 2

Parchment Col 203

Parchment Col 205

Cream Shimmer Parchment

Glazed Linen

Pleated Linen Parchment


Bronze Parchment

Bronze Look

Stone Linen

Steel Linen

Midnight Blue

Arctic Chintz

Magnolia Linen

Sahara Cream Linen

Snow Drop Silk

Cream Silk

Leonardo Silk

Sterling Silk

Gunmetal Silk

Venezia Silver on Silver Parchment

Venezia Gold on Silver Parchment

Mistral New

Blanc Noir Parchment

Nero Charcoal

Silver Plisse

Black Plisse

Grey Grain

Shiny Silver Lining

Shiny Gold Lining

Shiny Green

Shiny Orange

Shiny Red

Shiny Black

Matte Silver Lining

Black Parchment

Black Linen

Black on Gold Parchment

Black on Silver Parchment